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Why people use IMPT

“With IMPT, everyone has the opportunity to make a contribution and do something good for our planet. Using the transparency and technology of the blockchain in relation to carbon credits is unique and ingenious. That really convinced me.”


IMPT Platinum Member

“Their transparency, work ethic and adaptability to move in new directions has convinced me that this crypto/real world hybrid project is, sooner or later, going to be a huge success.”


IMPT Platinum Member

“I believe others should join IMPT because it’s making a positive impact for the world! This is the first project I’ve seen that makes it easy for anyone in the world to make a positive impact without making changes to their daily lives.”


IMPT Platinum Member

“IMPT is very good at helping our community understand that all of us and that our actions can have a positive impact on the future we would like to live in and leave behind. You also feel that the team believes in their project and wants the best for their customers.”


IMPT Platinum Member

“IMPT stands out as a distinctive project with no direct competitors in our targeted domain which is the tokenization of carbon credits.”


IMPT Platinum Member

“Alongside those, to put it simply, IMPT makes it easy to have a more positive impact on the climate, and this will only become easier as the platform grows and matures. The token is also a solid investment for those seeking sustainable long term growth for their investments.”


IMPT Platinum Member

“I have never discovered anything like this before and after reading the white paper, it was clear to me that I would invest in this project.”


IMPT Community Member

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