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B2B Feature

Give your customers an option to save the planet while shopping with you.

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Retiring Carbon Credits

Retailers now have the ability to offer customers anew feature during the checkout process.

For the retailers, this comes at no cost to you.

Benefits of our B2B feature


  • Attract eco-conscious customers.
  • Enhance brand reputation.
  • Demonstrate corporate social responsibility.


  • The ability to contribute to environmental causes.
  • Reduced guilt associated with shopping.
  • Making a tangible impact.

Retire your carbon credits

Integrate our B2B feature in your checkout and give your customers an opportunity in allowing them to retire their carbon credits.

IMPT will then retire the carbon credits for the customer and notify them with an official certificate containing the number of retired carbon credits.

Having our B2B feature gives the ability to contribute to the many environmental causes present in the world without having to change what we do on a daily basis.

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