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  • 5% of all Leadership partners within your country
  • Receive 2% of all the shopping commissions in the country
  • Receive 8% APY

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Why Partnering with IMPT
is a Smart Business Move

IMPT invites exclusive Country Partners to expand retail partnership network, leading loyalty program, and establish industry leadership in your country.

IMPT Country Partners enjoy exclusive retail network rights, granting them a competitive edge in the loyalty program industry, allowing them to dominate the market and establish themselves as a leader.

As an IMPT Country Partner

You will also benefit from our experienced Global PR team. They will work closely with you to enhance brand visibility and reputation, ensuring that the IMPT name becomes synonymous with loyalty programs in your country. Their expertise in public relations and brand management will give you a competitive advantage and help attract more customers to your Partnership network.

Support for IMPT Country Partner

Our CEO and CTO are committed to your success. They will be available to guide and advise you on your business operations, providing valuable insights and strategies to help you overcome challenges and seize opportunities. With their support and the collective expertise of the IMPT team, you can confidently navigate the dynamic landscape of the loyalty program industry.