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Elevating the Shopping Experience, Platinum Excitement, and New Retailers Unveiled!

Cto Office December 8, 2023

“IMPT Weekly Digest – Dec 08, 2023: Elevating the Shopping Experience, Platinum Excitement, and New Retailers Unveiled!”
Taxonomy and Search Mastery: 🌐 Explore our enhanced search engine! We’ve surpassed the halfway point in achieving our search engine goals. Try it out and witness the positive changes. Kudos to our outstanding team members, especially Conor and Vikas, for their dedicated efforts in keeping our community and users satisfied. Your purchases with IMPT truly make an impact on our planet!


Taxonomy Platinum Call AMA: 📅 The highly anticipated Platinum Call with Denis on December 14th is approaching! Exciting news awaits from Denis and Country Buys. We can’t wait to hear Denis’s update, and we hope our Platinum Members and Community share the enthusiasm!


Retail Expansion: 🛍️ This week, IMPT proudly welcomes 31 new brands to our community! Notable additions include Temu, Virena – Beauty & Skincare, The WowTickets-US/UK, Space NK – FR, House of Sunny, Roborock CA, and Global Hotel Pass. Our growth continues, bringing you the best discounts. Thank you for your continuous support.


Utility and Gamification Tech Delivery: 🎮 Our utility and gamification tech development is going better than anticipated! We’re working to make utility and gamification fun, interesting, and accessible to all users. Proudly, we’ll have it in place for January. Get ready to try it out soon after the New Year!


Road Map Milestones: 🛣️ We’re hitting our Road Map targets and staying on track for a promising future.


Gratitude & Holiday Spirit: 🙏 Only two more weeks until the holidays! Thank you for being an essential part of our journey. Your support fuels our efforts to provide the ideal experience. Stay tuned for more updates. #IMPTCommunity #JoinTheMovement 🚀



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