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IMPT Weekly Update – Feb 16, 2024

Gabe February 16, 2024

IMPT Weekly Update – Feb 16, 2024:
🚀IMPT: Takes A Giant Leap For Mankind – Scarcity Is At The Core of our Future🔥


Welcome to your weekly update from IMPT! Here’s what’s been happening in our world of sustainability:


IMPT Burn About To Commence:
Four Days to Go! Our upcoming token burn of 550M tokens on 20th February is the result of a thorough audit earlier this month and strategic decision-making. These changes amounting to around 40% in total by December and nearly 20% in February alone. This significant move reflects our commitment to robust value and scarcity. Stay tuned for more updates! #IMPTJourney #IMPTBurn


Shop With Us, Make An Impact:
Our online shopping app is constantly improving to enhance user experience. Monthly, we see increased shopping activity, making a real impact. Our team works tirelessly to improve user experience, showing significant progress compared to earlier this year. #IMPTStartWithUs #ShopBest #IMPTApp


Giftcard Giveaway Closes Today:
Thank you to everyone who participated over the past month! You made a MAJOR IMPACT! Thank you all for your engagement and support of our project! Stay tuned for more exciting giveaways and events. Winners will be announced soon! #Giveaway #Gift


Next Platinum Call Update – 20th February:
Our next Platinum Call is scheduled for 20th February at 4pm UTC. Our CTO Mike English will discuss tech updates and IMPT’s CEX Listing plan. #IMPTPlatinumCall #AMA


Retail Update So Far in 2024:
This week, IMPT has partnered with 315 new brands since January, including popular names like Cadbury World, Modivo,, Western Union EU, Venustein DE, Space NK, and Travelpro. #FavouriteBrands #ShopBest


IMPT’s New Payment Gateway UPDATE:
IMPT’s new payment gateway goes live on the website this weekend and will be fully implemented without issue next week! We appreciate your support and patience! IMPT wants to get this perfect for all our shoppers globally. Stay tuned for seamless transactions and enhanced convenience! #IMPT #Shoppingprocess #IMPTGateway


Gratitude for Your Support – Driving Our Commitment:
We express deep gratitude for your invaluable role in our journey. Your support fuels our commitment to perfecting our mission. Stay tuned for more updates. #ThanksForYourSupport



Stay engaged, stay informed, and let’s make Spring an incredible journey together! #IMPTCommunity #Sustainability #JoinTheMovement


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