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IMPT Weekly Update – Feb 2, 2024

Cto Office February 2, 2024

Dear IMPT Community,
Welcome to your weekly update from IMPT! Here’s what’s been happening in our world of sustainability:


Token Burn Highlights:
The audit results are in – a remarkable 1.1 billion tokens will be burned! This marks the start of our Tokenomics Audit, with the first burn slated for February 20th. Monthly burns will follow until December, totaling 1,109,525,745.75 Tokens.


Utility Launched
IMPT’s UTILITY is NOW FULLY LIVE and ready to supercharge your experience! Get ready for seamless access and powerful tools that’ll take your utility management to the next level.
But wait, there’s more! ALL historical claims will be added in the coming days, making UTILITY your go-to resource the CORE to IMPT!!!


Country Partnership Update:
CEO Denis Creighton emphasizes the strategic benefits of consolidated country ownership. We’ve secured a 3-month exclusivity period with a major partner, pledging a minimum monthly investment of $400k for 6 months post-deal, eager to leverage our extensive network of retailers and brands.


CEO’s Vision for IMPT’s Future:
With Tokenomics settled, our focus pivots to marketing and PR. We’re in discussions with global players to amplify our message, considering sector-focused approaches to cover global, blockchain, and off-network marketing.


Gamification Now Live:
Gamification launched this week! Dive into the fun on desktop and witness its inspirational potential to drive app usage and engagement.


Next AMA Call Confirmed – 20th Feb:
Mark your calendars! Our next Platinum Call is scheduled for February 20th. We’ll unveil exciting news about staking during the next session.


Web 2 CCs Retirements Fully Operational:
Our Web2 Carbon Credit retirements are fully operational, offering customers seamless access to sustainable solutions.

Website Refresh:
Explore our refreshed website with enhanced navigation and aesthetics. Stay tuned for more original imagery in the coming weeks. Visit now and share your feedback! 💻🎉 #WebsiteUpdate #UserFriendly #FeedbackWelcome 🌟


We extend our deepest gratitude for your unwavering support. Together, let’s embark on an incredible journey in 2024!


Stay engaged, stay informed, and continue to be the driving force behind our movement!
#IMPTCommunity #JoinTheMovement 🌍🌱



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