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IMPT Weekly Update – Jan 26, 2024: Unveiling Core Utility, Token Burn Insights, and Countdown to Gamification 🌍🚀

Gabe January 26, 2024

Dear IMPT Community,
As we navigate the dynamic landscape of sustainability, here’s your exclusive weekly update from the heart of IMPT. Let’s delve into the latest developments and what awaits us on the horizon.


IMPT CORE Utility Update – Countdown to Launch!
Our core utility, centered on Carbon Credit Retirements, is ready to debut after a meticulous audit for burn on Feb 1. Minor setbacks during testing are being addressed, ensuring a seamless experience in just a day or two. The utility is robust and live in the production environment, set to go public shortly.


Gamification – Unleashing the Fun:
CTO Mike English and our Tech Team have been hard at work on a game-changing innovation—Gamification! Launching on Jan 31, 2024, get ready to turn sustainability into a thrilling adventure. Choose your avatar in our new scoring system and make a real impact while having fun with family, friends, and colleagues. Just one week to go!


Enhancement App Updates – Ensuring Seamless Journeys:
Our Tech Team reports that claiming queries should be resolved going forward. More updates and fixes are in the pipeline to ensure a seamless journey with our app.


Quick Update From Our CEO Denis Creighton – Anticipating Exciting News:
Denis extends his best wishes for the new year and assures you that the future of our project is in strong and capable hands. Stay tuned for some exciting news in the coming week.


Country Sales AMA – Feb 1, 16:00pm UTC:
Due to Denis Creighton’s busy schedule, our Platinum AMA is set for Feb 1. Denis will share new updates and insights into Country Sales. Let’s delve into the progress and upcoming plans together.


Engage in our IMPT Giveaway NOW – Your Chance to Win Big:
It’s not too late! Engage now and stand a chance to win a seat at our next monthly call, offering massive insights into IMPT’s plans for 2024. Join, engage, and win on Twitter, Telegram, Discord, Facebook, LinkedIn, TikTok, and Instagram for a shot at our $100 Gift Card. Your engagement could turn into victory!


Token Burn Insights – Unveiling the Impact:
Exciting times lie ahead as our core utility, intricately tied to Carbon Credit Retirements, undergoes its inaugural significant burn next week post the Feb 1 audit. This transformative process ensures that every positive action for the planet results in a decrease in our supply, enhancing the intrinsic value of our token.


Our IMPT Moderators – The Pillars of Engagement:
A heartfelt shoutout to our dedicated moderation team! Your feedback is invaluable, and our mods are here to respond promptly. Join us on Telegram and Discord for a vibrant and engaging environment.


Gratitude for Your Support – Fueling Our Commitment:
We express deep gratitude for your indispensable role in our journey. Your support fuels our commitment to an ideal experience. Stay tuned for more updates.


Stay engaged, stay informed, and let’s make 2024 an incredible journey together!
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