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IMPT Weekly Update – June 28th, 2024: Leading IMPT Towards a Brighter Future

Cto Office June 28, 2024

Hey IMPT Community,

IMPT’s Path to Sustainability: Appreciating Our Supporters’ Efforts and Embracing Team Spirit

TEMU Joins the IMPT Network!

We are thrilled to announce that TEMU, a prominent brand renowned for its advertising and PR efforts and a strong competitor to AliExpress, has joined the IMPT network in Europe and the US. This partnership is set to boost our sales and user acquisition significantly, accelerating our global expansion. Stay tuned for more exciting updates!

The New IMPT Website Landing Page:

Our enhanced landing page is LIVE this week, catering to both retailers and our valued users. The updated promises improved usability and a fresh visual appeal, making it easier than ever to navigate and engage with IMPT. Stay tuned as we continue to roll out updates to all pages in the coming weeks.

More New Website Updates:

We are thrilled to announce that our new website is now available in multiple languages, including Spanish, Russian, German, and Portuguese, in addition to English. Prioritizing these languages is a key part of our strategy to make IMPT accessible and inclusive to a global audience.

Early Stages of Removing Gas Fees:

Exciting news for our users: IMPT is in the early stages of removing gas fees. Our tech team is diligently working on this initiative, and we will provide more updates as progress is made. This is a significant step forward that many of our supporters are eagerly anticipating.

June Platinum Call TODAY:

Join us for an exclusive AMA Platinum Call featuring CEO Denis Creighton and CTO Mike English. Gain insights and learn about IMPT’s strategic plans for the future. Become a Platinum Member to stay informed and actively contribute to our sustainable vision!

Fifth IMPT Burn Took Place – June 28th, 2024:

Celebrate our ongoing commitment to sustainability with the Fifth IMPT Burn event. We removed an additional 55 million tokens from circulation, marking a significant milestone in our journey towards a greener future. Check out the updated supply on CMC and CoinGecko soon! Another milestone achieved with our Fifth IMPT Burn!

Congratulations to Our IMPT Summer Challenge Winners:

A special shout-out to our winners: 0xGamer030, R2D2, and BigBruce222 for winning this month’s prize so far. Your creativity inspires us all! We have the whole summer to win prizes. Engage and participate in our challenges for a chance to win $200 worth of IMPT!

First French Offline Retailer Announcement – Text Impex:

We are excited to announce our first French offline retailer partnership with Text Impex! Located at Rue de la République, Marseille, France, Text Impex is a highly regarded trading company dedicated to providing a wide range of import and export services. This partnership marks another step in expanding our global footprint and bringing more sustainable options to our community.

Offline Retailer Sign-Up Made Easier:

We’re making it simpler than ever for offline retailers to join IMPT. Soon, our new user-friendly sign-up process allows retailers to easily register and get support directly from our team. Sign up now and become part of the IMPT network: Retailer Partnership

Join us as we lead the charge towards sustainability through ground-breaking technology and impactful partnerships!

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