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IMPT Weekly Update – June 7th, 2024: New B2C Scan Ticket Coming!

Cto Office June 7, 2024

IMPT’s Journey: Celebrating Milestones and Forging a Sustainable Future!

New B2C Scan Ticket Manual Drops Monday:
Get ready for our new B2C scan ticket manual, launching Monday! This guide makes scanning a breeze, with step-by-step instructions and pro tips for users and retailers. Streamline your experience and boost engagement with our platform, driving our sustainability mission forward.

Revamped Partner Portal and Rebranding:
We’re excited to unveil our newly redesigned partner portal! Enjoy a fresh, user-friendly look with intuitive navigation and enhanced features. This update reflects our commitment to innovation and sustainability, helping us serve our partners and users better than ever.

New Retailers Join via Digital Marketing:
We’re thrilled to welcome New retailers to our network, thanks to our powerful digital marketing strategies. This expansion strengthens our mission to promote sustainability, showing how effective outreach can make a big impact.

Strategic Campaigns Forge New Partnerships:
Our targeted communication campaigns have successfully fostered new partnerships and strengthened existing ones. By tailoring our approach, we address retailers’ unique needs, building trust and paving the way for long-term collaborations that support our sustainability goals.

Anticipated Increase in Sign-Ups:
We are anticipating a significant increase in sign-ups by the end of the day. This surge reflects the growing interest in our platform and the effectiveness of our recent initiatives.

Summer Competition Heats Up in Second Week: New Challenges, New Winners:
Our exciting summer competition is now entering its second week, bringing fresh challenges and opportunities to win. Engage with us by liking, sharing, and commenting on our daily posts across Twitter, Facebook, Telegram, Instagram, and LinkedIn. Every Saturday, we’ll update the competition with new tasks and announce the latest winner who will receive $200 worth of IMPTs. Dive in, get involved, and make a difference while having fun! Join us and be a part of the excitement!

Stay tuned for more exciting updates as we continue to grow and innovate!
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