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IMPT Weekly Update – May 17th, 2024: Driving Forward to a Greener Future!

Cto Office May 20, 2024

IMPT Weekly Update – May 17th, 2024: Driving Forward to a Greener Future!

Hey IMPT Community!

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Welcome Tashy, Our New Marketing Director:
We’re thrilled to welcome Tashy to the IMPT team as our new Marketing Director! Tashy will be instrumental in pushing our brand globally, building our reputation on a larger scale. Show your support for Tashy as we continue to expand and make a greater impact worldwide. Here is what Tashy wants to say: “I’m hoping to give the best support to my team and to you, our dedicated supporters, so we can get the best from the best!

New App Update Design Live NOW:
Exciting news! The modernized look of our app is LIVE NOW! Check out the new design and enjoy a seamless, intuitive experience tailored specifically for our dedicated platinum group and the entire IMPT community. Explore the enhanced features and discover how our app is making sustainability more accessible and engaging than ever before.

New App Feature Coming Soon: Scan a Receipt Function:
We’re excited to announce that we are working on adding the “Scan a Receipt” function to our app. Currently, offline retailers are responsible for scanning receipts, but with this update, users will be able to scan their own receipts, and retailers can approve them via their dashboard. We expect this feature to be ready next week or the week after, making the process even more seamless and user-friendly.

Since the Beginning of 2024: 912 Brand Partnerships Secured:
We’re thrilled to announce that since the beginning of 2024, we’ve secured partnerships with 912 brands! This incredible milestone underscores our commitment to expanding our network and amplifying our impact on sustainability. Each new partnership brings us closer to a greener future. Start shopping with our brands today!

AMA Platinum Call – JV Update May 31st, 2024:
Get ready for a significant update on the JV from our CEO Denis Creighton and insights from our CTO, Mike English, on all things IMPT and our current tech. The JV update will be detailed in the next Platinum call on Friday, May 31st. So catch up with us then!

Commencement of the Fourth IMPT Burn:
On May 31st, we will celebrate another significant milestone with our Fourth IMPT Burn! In April, we removed a staggering 55 million IMPTs, reaffirming our unwavering commitment to sustainability. This month, we will remove exactly 55 million more. The Fourth Burn will take place on Friday, May 31st.

IMPT Website Enhancements:
We are excited to announce the addition of translation options on the page, making our platform more accessible to a global audience. Our online traffic is soaring, reaching 2,000 daily visits. We are seeing significant growth in visitors from the UK, US, and India, reflecting our expanding global presence.

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