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IMPT’s Latest Buzz: Website Evolution, Exclusive Tech Session, Carbon Credit Vouchers, Gamification, and Vilnius Conference Preview!

Cto Office October 27, 2023

Update – 27/10/2023:

Hey there, everyone! We’ve got some cool new updates to share:

🌐 Website Evolution Underway: Our new website design went live this Tuesday, but we’re not done yet! We want your feedback on our ongoing improvements.


💻💡 Platinum Exclusive Tech Session: Get ready for a utility session led by our CTO, Mike English, in November. Exclusive for Platinum Members. Mark your calendars for November 7th, 2023, 4 pm GMT / IST. #TechUtilityTalk


💳💚 Carbon Credit Vouchers Coming Next Week: Soon, you can gift Carbon Credit vouchers to make a real impact. Choose to gift the offset of 3 months, 6 months, or 1 year of Carbon Footprint. This gift is perfect for environmentally conscious people. Not the best gift on the planet, but the best gift for the planet. #CarbonCredits #Sustainability


🎮🌍 Level Up with IMPT’s Gamification: We’re in the early stages of planning IMPT gamification. Our new gamification system lets you have fun while making a difference. #GamifyYourImpact


🌍📣 Upcoming IMPT Conference in Vilnius: We’re in the final stages of preparation for our next conference in Vilnius. This event marks our presentation to the local market and retail community, as we work on expanding our offline presence. Stay tuned for more details! #GlobalEvent #EcoFriendly

Thank you for being a vital part of our journey! Stay tuned for more updates and a chance to be part of something extraordinary. #IMPTCommunity #JoinTheMovement


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