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March 15th, 2024: Leading the Way: IMPT’s Sustainable Solutions for Tomorrow

rodrigo March 15, 2024

Hey IMPT Community,

We’re thrilled to share some exciting news as we continue our journey towards a greener and more sustainable world: #IMPTupdate

COMING SOON: Transforming User Experience:
A whole new level of user satisfaction with our platform’s latest upgrades, coming soon! Get ready to explore effortlessly and seamlessly. Our revamped Carbon Project page is here to support multiple languages, enabling users worldwide to engage with sustainability like never before.

IMPT’s Environmental Tech:
IMPT has always been at the forefront of technological advancement, particularly in environmental monitoring. Our latest tech upgrades will transform carbon offset tracking by seamlessly integrating web2 and web3 retirements for unmatched accuracy and efficiency.

Pioneering Carbon Offsetting:
We are pleased to have developed an innovative approach to carbon offsetting that differentiates between on-chain and off-chain retirements. This ground-breaking advancement shows our dedication to transparency and accountability, setting new standards for modern sustainability.

Introducing “My Impact” Feature:
The upcoming “My Impact” feature on our app enables users to manage their impact on the environment, demonstrating our commitment to responsible making choices and sustainable living. Stay tuned for its launch and prepare to change one footprint at a time. #myIMPT

Expanding Retail Partnerships:
Our mission is to collaborate, and we are excited to announce the expansion of our partnerships with European offline retailers, focusing on markets like Ireland and Spain. Strategic alliances enable impactful and sustainable growth, advancing a greener future.

Marketing Initiatives 2024:
Experience our upcoming campaigns, designed to resonate globally, for next-level marketing initiatives. With our upgraded tech infrastructure and shopping platform, we can spread our message and encourage sustainable practices. We can inspire global change together.

Reminder – Mark Your Calendar:
Platinum Call with our esteemed CTO and CEO on 29th March.
Second IMPT Burn scheduled for 27th March.

Thank you for your continued support and dedication to our mission of creating a more sustainable world. Together, we can make a difference!
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