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MPT Weekly Update – April 5th, 2024: Navigating Towards Sustainability – IMPT’s Journey to Excellence

rodrigo April 5, 2024

Dear IMPT Community,

Exciting news awaits as we mark another significant milestone in our sustainability journey:

Offline Retail Referral Program:
Ready to earn more IMPT? Partner with your local supermarkets and retailers, large or small, to join IMPT’s green mission! Your efforts to bring new retailers on board will earn you additional IMPT tokens. Let’s make an impact together! For bringing in one retailer, a significant reward will be in place. For more information on our incentives, contact or reach out to our team on all our socials, including Telegram.

Stability in Staking:
Rest assured in our reliable Staking platform, where stability is key. Your investments remain optimized with unchanged APY rates, ensuring a seamless experience as we enhance liquidity.

Expanding Shopping Horizons:
We’re making remarkable advancements in our offline retail expansion efforts. With an increasing number of local businesses joining our mission, the IMPT community is set to enjoy more sustainable shopping options than ever before.

Journeying with IMPT:
Our dedication to spreading IMPT’s mission takes us on the road, to conferences, and visits to our cherished offline retailers. These journeys are pivotal in forging stronger connections and expanding our reach. As we carry the IMPT banner to new venues, we’re not just reaching new audiences; we’re inviting them to join us in making an impact.

Your Feedback, Our Fuel:
The insights from our Platinum Member Survey last March have been invaluable. Your feedback drives our relentless pursuit of excellence. It’s your support and belief in our cause that propel us forward.

Shopping Platform New Exciting Feature:
Plus, we’ve introduced new features on our shopping platform, making shopping even more user-friendly. Now, you can choose brands based on high rewards percentage.

Thank you for your unwavering dedication. Together, let’s embark on a journey of sustainability, shaping a brighter future for generations to come.
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