BioMass with Bella's Biochar

BioMass with Bella’s Biochar

Registry: Puro Earth
Location: Canada

Bella Biochar is truly a Cinderella Story as the only Canadian, commercial scale manufacturer of non-pyrolytic, Organically Certified, premium quality biochar, produced from landfill diverted biomass.

Female Founded PURO CDR we are also the only non-methane producing and Certified Organic biochar manufacturer with the highest permanence of 1000 yrs + due to our unique porosity.

The granddaughter of European Peasant Farmers, Bella’s CEO and Founder, Jodi Formosi, learned to respect the Environment and Agriculture at a young age. When she combined that respect with her passion as a Pollution Solution Consultant, Jodi realized the gap in the World Biochar Market for premium quality biochar and Carbon Dioxide Removal. She also recognized the need for Environmentally and Socially Responsible Governance of waste wood biomass, in lieu of the unnecessary and irresponsible way it was being landfilled and/or left to decay.

As a result, in April, 2019 Bella Biochar was incorporated. Determined to build a company on scientifically substantiated research and development, in 2020 Bella became a member of the Natural Sciences and Engineering Research Council of Canada by establishing a Collaborative Industry Partnership with the University of Western Ontario.

The first lesson learned was that not all biochar is created equally. The raw material base used and the temperature that the material is heated in, and then cooled at, changes the chemical composition of the biochar. The Bella Team then completed the rigorous research and development necessary to determine optimal feedstock intake and manufacturing protocols, while using a process temperature double that of pyrolytic biochar.

Ultimately, the Bella Team succeeded at producing a cleaner, purer, biochar with consistently high carbon content and superior porosity and adsorption properties compared to that of Activated Carbon.

Upon Organic Certification, Bella Biochar began pioneering the premium quality Biochar Market in Canada.