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September 2023 Sets Alarming Heat Record: A Climate Crisis Wake-Up Call

er.sandip October 5, 2023

Climate Report: September 2023 was the hottest month on record,
shocking scientists and putting the world on edge.

Unprecedented Climate News: September 2023 shattered all records,
leaving scientists in awe and the world on edge.

In September of 2023, the temperature rose by an unprecedented 0.5
degrees Celsius over the prior record high.

Temperatures in September 2023 soared a staggering 0.5 degrees
Celsius above the previous record, marking the most substantial
temperature jump ever witnessed.

Wildfires and other extreme weather events are an alarming indication of
the need to act quickly to combat global warming. This is no longer some
potential future problem; it’s already here.

Keep yourself informed, take action, and help IMPT save Earth.
Emergency climate action needed in the face of continued record heat.

Link to The Guardian Article- 05/10/2023:

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