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Unlocking the Power of the IMPT Token: Shop, Stake, Earn & More! – Video

Cto Office September 9, 2023

We deep-dive into the multifaceted utility of the IMPT Token!

Shop & Earn IMPT Tokens

Discover how to shop from thousands of affiliate brands through the IMPT shopping ecosystem. Plus, you don’t just spend; you earn! Learn how you can convert your everyday shopping rewards into carbon credits.

Stake Your Way to Success

We cover the IMPT Loyalty and Staking Program, where you can stake your IMPT tokens and earn up to 17% APY. As a bonus, you’ll also receive free carbon credits!

Become an IMPT Ambassador

Unlock the power of the community by becoming an ambassador in the IMPT Retail Partnership Network. Earn commissions based on the purchasing activity of other users in the ecosystem.

Watch the full video here.