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We cooperate with 16,000 online and offline stores worldwide, and this number grows every month.



We proudly support 17 countries and are committed to continually growing and reaching more regions worldwide.



We cooperate with 16,000 online and offline stores worldwide, and this number grows every month.


Smart Shopping,
Carbon Offsetting

Discover the advantages of our platform with access to a diverse network of over 10,000 partnered retailers, offering a wide array of products to suit every need and preference. Enjoy the convenience of shopping with your favorite brands while earning generous rewards of up to 45% on your purchases.

Whether you're shopping for everyday essentials or indulging in special treats, our platform not only provides access to quality products but also empowers you to make environmentally conscious choices through our Carbon Credit Marketplace. Join us in promoting sustainability and earning rewards while shopping responsibly.

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Partnered Retailers

Shop with over 10,000+ Partnered Retailers on our shopping platform.

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Get up to 45% in rewards from shopping with your favourite brands.

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Carbon Credit Marketplace

Purchase and retire Carbon Credits with our verified projects.

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Join the Planet's Loyalty programme today and embark on a journey to make a true difference for our planet! By becoming a member, you're not just signing up for rewards; you're committing to meaningful actions that benefit the environment and our future generations.

Together, we can make a significant difference. Join the Planet's Loyalty programme today and be part of a community dedicated to preserving our planet for future generations. Together, let's turn loyalty into action!


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This is your chance to become a part of the Planet's Loyalty programme, where you can help make a true difference to the planet.

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Partner with us on our platform and earn rewards for your customers who shop with you.

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Invest in IMPT cryptocurrency or join the IMPT Global Partnership Network Portal to receive 2% of all commissions generated by IMPT purchases.


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How can I get started with IMPT? +

To start using IMPT you only need to register and log in to the system via Metamask, email, or external providers. After that, you will be able to access a list of projects that offer carbon credits and enter an NFT marketplace where you can sell and purchase NFTs.

How can I make sure that my money goes to legitimate projects? +

All projects that offer carbon credits through our platform are previously audited by third-party organizations to ensure their credibility.

Why should I choose IMPT for offsetting my carbon footprint? +

IMPT is a large-scale ecosystem of products that allows you to contribute to a sustainable future. For example, you can reduce your carbon footprint not only by buying carbon credits but also while doing your regular shopping. We also established the IMPT program where you can earn points and exchange them for carbon credits. Moreover, the platform allows you to earn yield. For example, you can burn your carbon credits and receive a collectible NFT that you can further trade on the marketplace. Also, you can hold your carbon credit NFTs for investment purposes.

Why is carbon removal necessary?. +

Climate change is now affecting every country in the world. According to the United Nations, the average surface temperature is expected to rise over the 21st century and is likely to surpass 3 degrees Celsius. Therefore, reducing the carbon footprint along with radical emissions cuts is crucial to keep temperatures from rising.

Sustainable shopping made easy with IMPT

Reduce your carbon footprint in just 3 simple steps.


Shop with over 10,000+ Partnered Retailers on our shopping platform.

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Get rewarded with up to 45% in Carbon Credits.


Help fund certified eco projects with your Carbon Credits.