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MPT Weekly Recap – Jan 5, 2024: The Year of IMPT Unveiled – Country and Tech Insights 🚀

Cto Office January 5, 2024

Utility Takes Flight – Token Burn Targeted for January:
Areas of our new utility updates from last year are now live, marking a significant stride toward our goals. The first token burn is targeted for the end of January.


Full Swing in Gamification Development:
The development of Gamification is in full swing, with extensive testing and work underway. Brace yourselves for the highly-anticipated January release, featuring updates on an interactive leaderboard crafted by our dedicated Tech team. More details coming in the next Friday’s update, and we’re currently on track!


Incoming Country Sales Update:
Anticipate an imminent Country sales update, with the introduction of the first installment-based deals. Save the date for the end-of-January AMA, where CEO Denis Creighton will reveal comprehensive updates, potentially sharing strategies and shedding light on Areas and Countries Buys.


Embarking on the 2024 Vision:
Embark on a journey into the new vision for 2024 on our website. The Web team is actively incorporating user feedback to provide an enhanced and user-friendly experience. Explore:


Ongoing Taxonomy Changes in Shopping Network:
Ongoing taxonomy changes in the Shopping network ensure a seamless and efficient user experience. Continued improvements, nearing its best potential for early Q1 2024. Positive and needed feedback is received from users and offline retailers, enhancing the user experience.


Global Expansion of Retailers:
New retailers continue to be added globally, expanding our network and offerings. Our retailer brand count soared worldwide in the last six months. Thanks to valuable alliances, we achieved the best reward percentage. This year, we’re enhancing the shopping experience for you.


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Gratitude & Happy New Year 2024!
This marks the first update for 2024. IMPT expresses gratitude for the community’s support and promises continued efforts to enhance the tech experience. Happy New Year everyone, and may your dreams come true in 2024! Stay tuned for more updates. #IMPTCommunity #JoinTheMovement



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