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IMPT Unveils Exciting Updates: Carbon Vouchers, Website Revamp, Global Expansion, and More!

Gabe October 13, 2023

Update – 13th October 2023

Hey guys, have we got news for you!

IMPT Carbon Vouchers:
🛍 Buy our vouchers with purpose and shop sustainably. Coming this Holiday Season!


IMPT Website Design & UX Revamp:
🖥 Our official site,, is getting a revamp. Exciting new UX designs and graphics are in the works to bring a fresh and up-to-date look. Your feedback matters, and we’re planning to visually amaze the world. Stay tuned!


Christmas and Holiday Season:
🎄 The holiday season is almost here! Just 73 days to go. IMPT is getting festive with Christmas cards, Thank you notes, and Project cards. Our website will also be updated for the festive season.


Scoring System on the Horizon:
🌟 Get ready for a breath of fresh air with our Scoring System. When carbon credits retire, you’ll level up with IMPT’s innovative approach.


Global Reach in 2023/2024:
🌎 In 2023 and beyond, IMPT is going global with conferences and events in Lithuania, Thailand, Austria and the United States. We’re spreading the word about IMPT, will be used to attract local retail chains and Country Owners. – stay tuned for updates!


QR Code Retail System:
🛒 A whole new way of shopping is coming soon with the IMPT QR Code retail system.


Sales Team Expansion:
💼 We’re expanding our sales team to provide an even better experience for our valued customers. Exciting opportunities await!


Community Engagement:
🤝 We’re committed to engaging with our community and keeping you informed weekly about everything happening at IMPT. Exciting times are ahead!


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