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IMPT Retail Leadership Partner Explained

rene May 11, 2023

IMPT is proud to be affiliated with over 10,000 brands, such as Amazon and Alibaba, and our app is available on both Google and Apple.

Our goal is to tokenize carbon credits with every online and offline transaction, so every time you shop, you’re creating a carbon credit that helps reduce a tonne of CO2 in the atmosphere.

As an IMPT leadership partner, you will have the exclusive rights to operate and expand IMPT’s retail Partnership network in your territory.
The leadership partner receives 5% of all the area agreements within their leadership.

You will receive 3% of all commissions generated by all IMPT purchases in your territory, both online and offline (excluding our affiliates).

You will receive 3% of all IMPT merchandise sold in your territory.

You will have the opportunity to attend quarterly global strategic events hosted by the IMPT Executive team, where you can learn about the latest developments, strategies and plans for the company.

Watch the video here