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Denis Creighton, IMPT CEO update 21st July, 2023

rene July 21, 2023

First of all, a big thank you to all who tuned in to the AMA/Twitter Spaces with Crypto Planet this afternoon. Great to see that almost 27k have tuned in so far. Also IMPT now has over 25k Twitter followers! So keep sharing and make sure you get as many people as possible to follow us.

Tech Update
We are really delighted to have our platform, mobile apps and SaaS solution for buying countries and areas, in place now! The next couple of months will be focussed on ensuring the customer journey is as streamlined and slick, as possible. After that we will work on the remaining 20% and integrate with Web2 and offnet, as part of the core utility of IMPT, The Planets Loyalty Programme.  This has always been the plan and I am super proud of the incredible hard work that has got us to here.. Thank you to the people who have worked tirelessly and passionately in delivering our ecosystem.

So what does this all mean?
Now is the optimum and perfect time to introduce IMPT to the whole world. We are ready to start our ambitious and seriously impacting next key milestone. Prepare to witness something that empowers everyone to help the environment.
Starting in August, we begin the execution of our global marketing campaign strategy, with fun giveaways, powerful influencers, and significant investments in various marketing channels such as paid promotions, advertorials and SEM (search engine marketing) with CPC and CPA initiatives. We are also launching our initial marketing campaigns for specific countries and regions, along with extensive global outreach initiatives, which are exclusivity focussed on driving the expansion of the core utility of IMPT!

We have 30 new videos being created to bring a fresh look and feel. We will also be introducing animation as part of explanation content. So stay tuned on Twitter, Telegram, Instagram and all our social media platforms to be part of this exciting next stage of our proud journey, as we introduce IMPT to the world. If you are not registered on Twitter go and do it now! This has become the most important communication channel in the blockchain world. Working together, we are implementing a global solution that actively removes carbon from the atmosphere, as you shop. So come on! Join us in making a meaningful impact on the planet. Let’s make IMPT known far and wide and showcase how every action matters in our collective fight against climate change.

And finally, to wrap up, we are at contract stage for a significant VC investment to help accelerate the utility of IMPT and take the Planet’s Loyalty Program to every part of the world!
We also have a separate serious discussion in play with a group who want to by at least half of the entire number of countries available. I don’t need to explain to you what these negotiations will mean for IMPT..

Thank you to our loyal followers, communities and recent joiners. The next stage of our development is nearly here. We are super giddy with excitement, anticipation and gratitude to be here..