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Exciting IMPT Updates: B2B Retail, QR Codes, and Meet Our Team!

er.sandip September 29, 2023

B2B Retail Feature: Almost There!
Our highly-anticipated B2B offline retail feature is nearly complete. We couldn’t contain our
excitement, so we gave our platinum members an exclusive sneak peek. The official launch
is just around the corner!


IMPT Brand Awareness Video Launching This Week!
Prepare to be captivated as we unveil our brand awareness video this week. We’re thrilled to
share our story through this engaging visual experience. Stay tuned and join us in spreading
the word about IMPT!


CTO, Mike English Explains IMPT Tech & Core Utility
Save the date for Mike’s November session, hosted by our CTO. Mike will guide you through
our latest tech updates and user experience enhancements. From start to finish, he’ll share
valuable insights into how we’re improving your IMPT journey.


QR Codes for Offline Retailers in the Works
We’re diligently working on QR codes for offline retailers to enhance your shopping
experience. Stay tuned for exciting offers and seamless transactions with these upcoming
QR codes.


Meet the IMPT Team:


Get On Social – Kevin
Meet Kevin, our multitasking guru. From social media to team management, marketing, web
development, tech testing, and customer-centric improvements, Kevin’s here to ensure
impactful online campaigns, collaboration, and cutting-edge tech integration. Let’s make a
big difference together!


Get On Retail – Vikas
Vikas, our Retail Development Manager, oversees brands, retailers, and vouchers. Your
suggestions for new brands or shops are crucial to us. Thanks to your support, we have
exciting offline vouchers joining us soon!


Get On Tech – Conor
Conor, your go-to for customer service and rewards, also connects your feedback to our tech
team. He’s here to assist you. For specific account requests, use the standard email
channels, and don’t forget to include your TG username.


More Exciting News
We’re not slowing down! More offline vouchers are heading your way soon, so watch out for
irresistible deals


Stay tuned and get ready to explore the future of shopping with IMPT!