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IMPT Weekly Update – Feb 9, 2024

Cto Office February 9, 2024

Dear IMPT Community,
Welcome to your weekly update from IMPT! Here’s what’s been happening in our world of sustainability:


Driving Forward: Tech Enhancements & Marketing Focus in 2024:
Following Gamification’s launch, our main focus is on implementing substantial tech enhancements and amplifying our marketing efforts throughout 2024! 🚀 #IMPT #TechEnhancements #MarketingStrategy


Gamification Now Live:
Gamification launched last week! We’re continually updating to ensure an enjoyable user experience. Join us and climb the leaderboard! Your feedback is invaluable, and we’re integrating it to enhance your IMPT journey.


Utility Progress Update:
Our utility is delivering as promised! Seamless functionality from carbon footprint tracking to energy consumption management. #IMPT #UtilityLaunch #Sustainability #GreenFuture


Country Partnership Update:
CEO Denis Creighton’s dedicated leadership in our Country Sales efforts continues relentlessly. With unwavering positivity, Denis remains committed to our mission. Stay tuned for progress updates in the coming weeks and months as we move forward with determination! #IMPT #CountrySales #Leadership


IMPT’s Vision of Innovation:
We’re honoured to be recognized among the top 10 Irish startups to watch in 2024 and beyond! Explore our journey and vision at
#IrishInnovation #StartupWatch


Token Burn Reminder:
1.1 billion tokens set to be burned! Our Tokenomics Audit begins on February 20th, followed by monthly burns until December.


Next AMA Call Topic Update – 20th Feb:
Our next Platinum Call is scheduled for February 20th. CTO Mike English will discuss tech updates and IMPT’s CEX Listing plan.


Website Updates:
Thanks for the positive feedback on our website redesign! We’re adding and updating content to make it even better.


Coming Next Week: IMPT’s New Payment Gateway:
IMPT’s new payment gateway goes live next week! Stay tuned for seamless transactions and enhanced convenience!


Gratitude for Your Support – Fueling Our Commitment:
We express deep gratitude for your invaluable role in our journey. Your support fuels our commitment to perfecting our mission. Stay tuned for more updates.


Stay engaged, stay informed, and let’s make Spring an incredible journey together!
#IMPTCommunity #Sustainability #JoinTheMovement



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