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IMPT Weekly Update – Jan 12, 2024: App Enhancements, Tokenomics Insights, and Exciting Plans Unveiled!

Cto Office January 12, 2024

Exciting Developments For The IMPT APP:
This year brings exciting expansions to our Development team at IMPT, driven by your valuable feedback! Positive changes are underway, specifically focused on enhancing your App experience.


Tokenomics Ad Hoc Session:
On Jan 16th, 4 pm UTC, CTO Mike English hosts an exclusive Ad Hoc session on Tokenomics for Platinum Members. Immediate insights and changes are on the way. Platinum Members should be excited for this Call.


Country Sales and AMA:
Anticipate a Country sales update with instalment-based deals. CEO Denis Creighton unveils more details in the end-of-January AMA, providing clarity on everything mentioned in December’s Call.


Exclusive Call Opportunities For Give Away Participants:
Randomly select 3 winners on social media for an invite to our Jan 16 Tokenomics meeting. Gain exclusive insight into Platinum call perks and join Denis’s Call for a detailed update on country buys—exciting revelations await! Follow, Engage, and Win to be a PART of IMPT’s future plans! There’s still time! Participate in Give Away Week 2 to boost your chances of winning a $100 gift card. Engage on various platforms until Feb 16, 2024.


Gamification Launch:
Save the date, Jan 31, 2024, for the launch of Gamification. Overcoming obstacles, it’s on track for a January release. Prepare yourselves for the highly-anticipated January release, featuring updates on an interactive leaderboard crafted by our dedicated Tech team. More details coming in the next Friday’s update, and we’re currently on track!


Utility Goes Live:
IMPT’s Utility achieves live status on Jan 25, 2024, marking a significant milestone in our journey. IMPT’s Utility Goals are to inspire individuals to retire carbon credits and endorse the impact of carbon credit retirement. Join us on Jan 25, 2024.


Gratitude for Your Support:
Entering 2024, we express deep gratitude for your indispensable role in our journey. Your support fuels our commitment to an ideal experience. Stay tuned for more updates. #IMPTCommunity #JoinTheMovement #IMPTGiveaway #TokenomicsUpdate #GamificationInProgress #CountrySalesUpdate #AMA2024



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