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IMPT Unleashes Web 2.0: Carbon Credit Shopping, Exclusive Events, and Fresh Web Layouts!

Gabe October 19, 2023

Update – 19/10/2023

Hey there, everyone! We’ve got some exciting news to share:

🌐 Web 2 Update! 🚀

Exciting news for our users:

-Shop as you always have, no need to add a wallet to your account to buy and retire carbon credits.
-Earn rewards while shopping normally.
-Decide when you want to purchase a carbon credit.
-Choose to use rewards, fiat, or a combination for carbon credit purchases.
-Carbon credits retire now part of our utility.
-Current Web3 users can still access it in the “Browse Projects” section, but in Web 2, users can only retire carbon credits.
– Try it today: Shop Now
🛒💳🌿 #Web2Update #CarbonCredits #Sustainability #Rewards


🌐 Wait A Minute, There’s More! 🚀

🌍 Our first retail and country managers event is just around the corner in Vilnius, Lithuania on the 9th November. We’re ready to support offline retailers joining IMPT and back up our Area Managers in the region. 👥 #RetailManagersSupport #IMPTEvent #Vilnius2023


🔥 You won’t want to miss this! In November, our Chief Technology Officer, Mike English, will lead an exclusive technology and utility session for our Platinum Members. Keep an eye out for the official date – it’s going to be unforgettable! 💡 #TechSession #PlatinumCollaboration #MikeEnglish #IMPTCTO 📆


🎉 Exciting changes are coming to our homepage with new web layouts set to launch next week. Get ready for a fresh look! 💻 #WebLayouts #HomepageUpdate


Walkthrough Web 2 Video: Web 2 Vimeo Video

Stay tuned for more updates, and thank you for being a part of our journey! 🙏 #RetailManagers #IMPT #Web2 #TechSession #ExcitingTimesAhead🌍🔥💻🛒🌿📆


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