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IMPT Weekly Update – April 12th, 2024: Accelerating Growth and Exciting Developments

rodrigo April 12, 2024

IMPT Weekly Update – April 12th, 2024: Accelerating Growth and Exciting Developments

Dear IMPT Community,

Stepping into Success: IMPT’s Journey Continues!

Staking Pool Continues:
Exciting news! The staking pool resumes this week, ensuring uninterrupted rewards for our valued members. Your investments remain optimized with unchanged APY rates, providing a seamless experience as we enhance liquidity.

Joint Venture Progress:
We’re thrilled to announce that our joint venture plans are advancing steadily, driven by our confidence in the future. Your feedback fuels our pursuit of excellence. Let’s support Denis Creighton, our CEO, in sealing this deal!

Expanding Global Offline Retail Network:
Our global offline retail network is rapidly expanding, with nearly 30 retailers already registered or in the final stages of onboarding. Interest in our platform is soaring as more businesses join our mission for sustainability!

Momentum Builds in Online Traffic Growth:
We’re thrilled to report a remarkable surge in online traffic, with a staggering 27% increase since February alone! This surge has propelled us to a global ranking of 331, highlighting the exponential growth and popularity of our platform, especially in key markets.

Unlock Additional Rewards with Our Offline Retail Referral Program:
Ready to earn more IMPT? Partner with local supermarkets and retailers to support IMPT’s green mission! Recruiting new retailers earns you IMPT tokens. Let’s make an impact together! For incentive details, contact or join our Telegram team. We’ll send more information to interested participants this week.

Welcome to Our New IMPT Development Team Members:
Let’s give a hearty welcome to Rodrigo and Antonio, our newest additions to the dynamic IMPT Dev team! With their expertise and dedication, they’re here to tackle any platform issues and drive IMPT’s growth forward. Let’s rally behind them and show our unwavering support as they play a pivotal role in shaping IMPT’s bright and sustainable future!

Together, let’s propel IMPT to new heights of success!
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