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IMPT Weekly Update – April 19th, 2024: Empowering Growth and Innovation!

rodrigo April 19, 2024

MPT Weekly Update – April 19th, 2024: Empowering Growth and Innovation!

Dear IMPT Community,

Stepping into Success: IMPT’s Inspired Journey!

Positive Developments on the Joint Venture Front:
IMPT is pleased to report positive progress on the Joint Venture front. Our CEO, Denis Creighton, will provide a detailed update in the coming days. Stay tuned for Denis Creighton’s imminent announcement, where he’ll delve into the exciting specifics and outline the path forward.

Engaging Retail Empowerment:
With an overwhelmingly positive response to our retail referral program, we’re preparing interactive training sessions for interested participants. Through effective communication and support, we’re poised to make earning rewards and regular engagement with IMPT an enjoyable journey.

Streamlined Ticketing Help System:
Our Dev Team is on the brink of finalizing the implementation of an advanced ticketing help system. This streamlined process ensures swift issue resolution, with notifications keeping you informed every step of the way. Expect quicker and more efficient solutions!

Expansive Marketing Team Growth:
Exciting times ahead! We’re gearing up for a substantial expansion of our internal marketing team from late April to early May. Stay tuned for a comprehensive introduction in May as we share our progress with you every step of the way. More updates on the horizon—stay tuned!

Venturing into Asian Markets:
IMPT is broadening its horizons to include Asia, with plans to commence retail operations in India in the near future. While China and India are not currently part of JV discussions, we’re ambitious about forging partnerships with retail outlets in these regions to amplify our presence.

New App Features Underway:
Our Dev Team is adding the final touches to new design elements, incorporating valuable community feedback for an enriched app experience. Look forward to these updates rolling out early next week. Additionally, we’re testing a sleek dark mode feature, aiming to introduce it to the community soon.

Exploring Carbon Credits (CCs) and High Fees:
We’re considering the possibility of implementing auto-retirement for Carbon Credits (CCs) in the future. This potential streamlining could simplify processes and enhance user experience for all.

Join us on this thrilling journey of growth and innovation!

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