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IMPT Weekly Update – April 26th, 2024: Shining Bright: IMPT’s Progress and Global Expansion Ahead!

rodrigo April 26, 2024

Hey IMPT Community,

IMPT’s Journey: Stepping into Success! Unlocking New Opportunities with Every Step!

Exciting Joint Venture Progress:
Negotiations are ongoing and increasingly positive, with the partner expressing interest in a larger stake, surpassing the initial 50/50 proposal. In response, we’ve extended exclusivity by 4-6 weeks to explore this opportunity further. Stay tuned for our CEO, Denis Creighton’s forthcoming announcement, where he’ll share exciting specifics and outline the path forward. It’s coming REAL SOON!

Expanding into Global Markets:
IMPT is gearing up to venture into new territories, we’re expanding Offline Retail Worldwide, and the Joint Venture will occur separately from this retail expansion effort. Our ambitious plans include establishing Partnerships with retail outlets worldwide to significantly amplify our global presence.

Announcement: Platinum Call – April 30th, 2024:
Save the date! Our upcoming Platinum Call is scheduled for April 30th at 4 pm UTC. Join us for updates from our CTO, Mike English, and insightful discussions with CEO, Denis Creighton about the Joint Venture and IMPT.

Commencement of the Third Burn:
Today marks the start of eliminating 55 million IMPTs, reaffirming our commitment to sustainability. Track our progress as we update supply on CMC and Coingecko. Updates expected soon.

Engaging Retail Training Sessions:
Training sessions for our retail referral program are nearing completion, with commencement planned in the next few weeks. Interested parties, please contact the team to schedule sessions. Together, through effective communication and support, we’ll thrive and create a better tomorrow!

New Enhanced App Delivery:
Exciting updates! We’rerolling out a new release of our platform redesign and enhancement, focusing on UX and aesthetics. Stay tuned for more updates as we enhance your IMPT experience. Dark mode feature testing continues, aiming for a community release soon.

Progress in New Offline Retailer Partnerships:
We’re pleased to announce progress in securing partnerships with new offline retailers, particularly in Spain and Ireland. With growing interest, we’re building momentum to expand globally. Stay tuned for further updates!

Brand Partnerships Growth:
Since January 1st, a total nearly hitting a total of 800 brands have joined IMPT, indicating increasing interest and engagement in our platform. We’re thrilled to welcome these new partners on board!

Join us as we navigate towards a brighter, more sustainable future!

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