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IMPT Weekly Update – May 3rd, 2024: Elevate Your Impact: Join Our Referral Revolution Today!

rodrigo May 7, 2024

IMPT’s Journey: Growing Success and Embracing Boundless Opportunities!

Empowering Growth: Three Successful Training Sessions Completed:
Be part of the success story! Three training sessions completed for the Offline Retail Referral Program. Join participants who are already on the path of earning rewards, starting at $150 worth of IMPT, with potential for even higher earnings. Plus, outstanding performance could lead to professional collaboration with IMPT and direct access to our expert team. Join us TODAY to start earning rewards while enjoying the journey! We will have many more training sessions in the coming weeks!

Exclusive Platinum Member Product Listing:
Your feedback matters! Our esteemed platinum members, get ready for an extensive list of potential products to review in the coming weeks. With IMPT, you’re empowered to make a real impact on climate change. Dive into Platinum membership and Join the Platinum Experience! Make An IMPACT TODAY!

Third Burn Completed This Week:
On Monday we completed our Third Burn, which marks eliminating more than 55 million IMPTs, reaffirming our commitment to sustainability. Track our progress as we update supply on CMC and CoinGecko. Etherscan:

Our CEO’s Path to JV Completion:
During the recent Platinum Call, our CEO Denis Creighton highlighted our unique position as the partner expresses interest in a larger stake, surpassing the initial 50/50 proposal. Our CEO mentions the fact our deal is the first of its kind and that we should wait for the BEST DEAL! Stay tuned for Denis Creighton’s next announcement, where he’ll share exciting specifics and outline the path forward.

Innovating Sustainability – Unveiling Enhanced Carbon Initiatives:
Get ready for IMPT’s major Carbon Upgrade! Over the next two months, expect game-changing strategies, innovative measures, and strategic partnerships, all aimed at a greener future. Stay tuned for incentives that empower you to be part of our environmental mission!

IMPT’s Asian Journey – Unlocking New Horizons and Opportunities:
Exciting news! IMPT is adding new stores in India & China, both offline and online. Our brand will expand positively and effectively through this market, offering more opportunities for engagement and impact. Join us as we make strides towards a brighter, sustainable future in Asia and beyond!

Introducing Our Affiliate and Partnerships Specialist:
Meet Dimi, our Affiliate and Partnerships Specialist, dedicated to fostering strategic alliances and driving growth. With Dimi’s expertise, we’re poised to expand our reach and amplify our impact globally. Join us as we welcome Dimi to the IMPT family and embark on this journey of collaboration and success!

Join us as we navigate towards a brighter, more sustainable future!
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