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IMPT Weekly Update – May 10th, 2024: IMPT Exploration Leading To A Greener Future!

rodrigo May 10, 2024

Hey IMPT Community!

IMPT’s Path: Current Missions and Embracing Endless Possibilities!

New App Update Design Live Very Soon:
Experience the modernized look of our app is COMING SOON! The new design update will be live, offering a seamless experience for our dedicated platinum group and the entire community of users. Explore the enhanced features and enjoy a more intuitive interface as we continue our journey towards sustainability.

Join Our Referral Revolution Today:
Our Offline Retail Referral Program training sessions are in full swing, marking a positive start to our journey! Sign up now to receive packages promptly and become part of our noble mission to spread our message far and wide! With more sessions scheduled, there’s still time to join the referral team, earn rewards, and make an impact with IMPT.

$5 Sign-Up Credit Reminder:
Since two months ago this week, new members joining IMPT can receive a $5 credit upon sign-up! Start offsetting your carbon footprint while you shop. Join us today and make a difference. Start with us and make an IMPACT! Sign up now:

IMPT Reaching The World:
Our online traffic is soaring, with close to nearly 2K visits per day and expected to surpass 2K next week. IMPT’s global presence is expanding rapidly as we build digital traction and engage with communities worldwide.

New Web-Based Expert Support Available:
Need assistance? Our seasoned support team is here to help. Visit and access personalized support through our Support Widget at the bottom right of your screen. Get prompt assistance and guidance on your sustainability journey with IMPT.

Offline Retail Growth in Spain:
Our team in Spain is making strides in forging new relationships with offline retailers and business owners. Their dedication is evident as they work tirelessly to expand our brand offline. Show your support for the team in Spain as they pave the way for a greener future in the region.

Global Partnerships Expansion in Progress:
Exciting developments are underway as we expand our global partnerships! From discussions in the USA to communicate our green message effectively in China and establishing the IMPT brand across Europe, including Germany, we’re making significant strides towards our mission. Stay tuned for more updates on our global expansion efforts!

IMPT’s Offline Retailer Is Getting More Interesting:
We’re integrating a world map highlighting our global partners for offline retail, showcasing our current reach. Share the map to see the number of contractors per country, illustrating our expanding footprint and impact.
Join us as we pave the way towards a greener, more sustainable future! #IMPT #Sustainability #ReferralRevolution #AppUpdate #GlobalExpansion #GreenFuture #Support #SpainExpansion #Partnerships